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3.1 Tipu Sultan

3.2 Haidar Ally Cawn

3.3 Tipu Sultan, Ruler of Mysore

3.4 Purniya, Chief Minister of Mysore

3.5 Interior of Tipu Sultan's Palace

3.6 Tipu's Coinage

3.7 Volume of Notes From Dr John Hope's Lectures

3.8 The Battle of Pollilur 1780, D/ Halidar Ali and Tipu Sultan

3.9 The Battle of Pollilur 1780, D/ The British Square

3.10 The Battle of Pollilur 1780, D/ Col. Baillie

3.11 The Battle of Pollilur 1780, D/ Col. Baillie

3.12 The Battle of Pollilur 1780, D/ Tipu's archers

3.13 Plan of the principal Prison of Seringapatan

3.14 Capt. Alexander Foulis in Tippoo Saib's Prison

3.15 Louis XVI Receives the Ambassadors of Tipu Sultan

3.16 Louis XVI, 1776

3.17 Marie Antoinette, 1776

3.18 One of Tipu Sultan's Ambassadors to Paris

3.19 The Ambassadors and Their Entourage Walking in the Park at St. Cloud

3.20 Portrait busts of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

3.21 Lord Cornwallis Receiving Tipu Sahib's Sons as Hostages at Seringapatam

3.22 Lord Cornwallis Receiving Tipu Sahib's Sons as Hostages at Seringapatam, D/ Lord Cornwallis and the two sons

3.23 The Palanquin Presented by the Marquis Cornwallis to Prince Abdul Calic

3.24 Moiz-ud-din

3.25 Lord Cornwallis Receiving the Sons of Tipu as Hostages

3.26 Good News from Madras

3.27 The Assault of Seringapatam, 1799

3.28 The Storming of Seringapatam, 1799: D/ Left Side, showing the Breach

3.29 The Storming of Seringapatam: D/The Breach

3.30 The Storming of Seringapatam: D/Right Side

3.31 The Storming of Seringapatam

3.32 Descriptive Sketch of the Three Prints of the Storming of Seringapatam

3.33 Bastion of the Outer Rampart of the Fortifications

3.34 The Last Effort and Fall of Tippoo Sultaun

3.35 View of Hoally Gateway, where Tipu Sultan was Killed

3.36 Baird Discovering the Body of Tippoo Sultaun at Seringapatam

3.37 Amulet Found on the Body of Tipu Sultan

3.38 The Surrender of Two Sons of Tippoo Sultaun

3.39 The Body of Tippo Sultaun Recognised by his Family

3.40 The shawl-covered tomb of (on the west) Tipu Sultan

3.41 Player's Cigarette Card

3.42 Tipu Sultan, The Tiger of Mysore

3.43 Tiger Buckle

3.44 The Urs Of Tipu Sultan: Celebrations At Gumbaz

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