Main Menu : 1.0 Tiger Introduction

1.1 Tippoo's Tiger

1.2 Tipu soldier before Seringapatam

1.3 Tipu's cheetah

1.4 Tipu's Throne

1.5 Large gold head from throne

1.6 Jewelled head from throne

1.7 Tiger Head Final

1.8 Cloth of gold

1.9 Bubris on cloth armour

1.10 Painted bubris at Mausoleum

1.11 Pierced bubris at Family Tomb

1.12 Tiger Detail on Sword Blade

1.13 Tiger Stock on Gun

1.14 Persian Inscription on Gun Barrel

1.15 Tiger Mask on Gun

1.16 Tiger Muzzel Cannon

1.17 Tiger Cannon

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