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  4.18 Geographical Observations in Mysore and the Barramaul  

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Geographical Observations in Mysore and the Barramaul with an Examination of the Passes of the Muglee, Pallamanair, Cuddapanattam, Pednaigdurgum, Ryacotta and Anchitty; Seringapatam, 1792

Pen and ink, and wash

33 x 45.7 cm; with page extended 107 cm


he surveyor's volume is an impressively detailed, official source of military reference, with routes, panoramic landscapes and critical comments. This view of Seringapatam made on 14 February 1792 includes the garden of Tipu's summer palace (Dowlet Baug), Tipu's Palace and the comment(top left) 'the Bank of the River is high and the direction is such that it is absolutely a secure approach to the North East angle. This circumstance is doubtless favourable to an attack upon this point'.

Many of Beatson's sketches are diagrams, rather than topographical studies, and all are meticulously inscribed with titles, and often signed and dated also. The volume covers the period November 1790 to February 1792, ind includes views of 'Nandedurgum' (Nandidrug), 'Sawindroog' (Savendroog) and Seringapatam.

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