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5.1 Sketch Of The Environs Of Seringapatam

5.2 Map Of The Dominions Of The Late Tippoo Sultaun

5.3 Interior View of Tipu's Palace, Bangalore

5.4 Tipu's Summer Palace, Bangalore

5.5 St. Mark's Church, Bangalore

5.6 NW Front of Government House, Calcutta, c1855

5.7 Monument Commemorating The Birthplace Of Tipu Sultan, At Devanahalli

5.8 The Council House, Fort St.George, Madras

5.9 Tombs of Scotsmen at The Cathedral Church Of St.George, Madras

5.10 Surf Breaking At Marina Beach, Madras

5.11 Wellington Lodge, Mysore

5.12 Nandidrug

5.13 The Field Of The Battle Of Pollilur

5.14 The Breach At Seringapatam: Seen From The South West, Across The River Cauvery

5.15 Seringapatam Formal Garden, Darya Daulat Palace In The Persian Style

5.16 Tipu's Darya Daulat Palace, Seringapatam

5.17 Pigeoncote At Tipu's Darya Daulat Palace, Seringapatam

5.18 Flagstaff Cavalier, Seringapatam

5.19 The Mausoleum of Tipu Sultan At Gumbaz, Seringapatam

5.20 Mausoleum of Tipu Sultan at Gumbaz, Seringapatam, c.1860

5.21 The Sri Ranganatha Swami Temple, Seringapatam

5.22 The Jumma Masjid, Seringapatam

5.23 The Jumma Masjid, Seringapatam, c.1860

5.24 The Dungeons, Seringapatam

5.25 Ramparts Of Seringapatam

5.26 View From The Outer Ditch Towards The Breach, Seringapatam

5.27 East View of Seringapatam, c1800

5.28 The Water gate, Seringapatam

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