We hope that you have enjoyed exploring this programme with its many overlapping themes and associations. 'The Tiger and the Thistle' on-line also offers many on-going opportunities for following up individual interests, for exchanging ideas, and for extending and sharing our knowledge of Tipu Sultan and the Scots in India.

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'The Tiger and the Thistle: Tipu Sultan and the Scots in India ' focuses on the Scots who lived and worked in India during the years when Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan were rulers of Mysore, c.1760-1800.

Did your family have any associations with South India at this period?
Do you know of any Scotsmen who wrote about Tipu Sultan or the Mysore Wars, perhaps in diaries or letters, written in the East or in the West? We would be very interested to receive any references, family history or anecdotes you might wish to share with us .

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